Common Plumbing Issues Your Facility Faces

Running a facility, such as a college campus, an office building, a warehouse, or a mall, sees its fair share of challenges. From ensuring the sidewalks are cleared in the winter to making sure the sprinkler system is raring to go in the spring, there can be no end to tasks and chores that need…

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Spring Clean Your Facility Today

Spring is rapidly turning into summer, which means it will soon be time for trips to see relatives, vacation, kids out of school, and long days full of fun with friends. Looking around your facility, you may notice that there’s many areas that need a bit of sprucing up after the long winter. MCP Group…

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Heating and Cooling Maintenance for Facilities

Having the perfect indoor air temperature is important for your overall comfort and ultimately health and well-being. After all, when it’s cold out, all you want is to huddle indoors and be warm. When it’s super hot out, you want to be able to retreat to your air conditioned home and feel good. Thus, as…

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3 Steps for Snow Removal Services for Facilities

3 Steps for Snow Removal Services for Facilities mcp group topeka

There is no doubt that snow is beautiful. Since each snowflake is unique, it captures the imagination and makes us smile. Some of us love to play in the snow; others of us love to curl up in front of a fire with a good book and a cat on our lap and watch it…

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Top 4 Winter Considerations for Facilities Services

Top 4 Winter Considerations for Facilities Services the mcp group topeka

Maintaining a facility can be challenging, indeed, especially when you are talking about hundreds of apartment complexes, schools, universities, healthcare facilities, commercial office buildings, retail space, and the like. It is most definitely a full-time job. Now, when you add in the weather, such as winter storms, facilities maintenance faces many additional challenges as well.…

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More of Our Facility Management Services

More of Our Facility Management Services mcp group colorado

Here at MCP Group, we are proud to offer our commercial customers many top-rated facility services that help keep their buildings not only operating smoothly, but also pleasant places to be. Our construction management company builds stunning buildings, but then we care for them in turn, ensuring they are great places to serve others for…

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What Does Facility Management Entail?

What Does Facility Management Entail? mcp group topeka

Facility management is an all-encompassing term for taking care of your building to ensure all of the systems function. This includes HVAC, electrical, plumbing, roofing, exterior services, such as parking lot, and so much more. Of course, this varies with the type of business, which is why facility management is such a broad term. However,…

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