More of Our Facility Management Services

Here at MCP Group, we are proud to offer our commercial customers many top-rated facility services that help keep their buildings not only operating smoothly, but also pleasant places to be. Our construction management company builds stunning buildings, but then we care for them in turn, ensuring they are great places to serve others for decades to come.

Facility management is a broad term for many services. Plus, facility management will most likely look different from building to building due to the nature of the business operations. For example, a hospital will have different needs than an office building. In our last blog post, we discussed a few of our many facility services. Below, we’ll take a look at a few more. Contact our team to get started today!


Elevator Maintenance

As mechanical machines, elevators need proper maintenance, too. They can begin to squeak and stop functioning all together. The doors cannot close tightly, and a lock could not be engaged — both of which are huge safety issues. Elevators also should not be used for storage purposes, either, which is a huge fire hazard. Elevator maintenance also prolongs the life of your elevators as well.

Door Hardware and Lock Issues

Door hardware and locks can wear out from constant use, too. From replacing broken door knobs that won’t allow a door to shut to replacing keys when needed and ensuring there are no missing screws, MCP Group takes great care to ensure your entryways are up to speed. In addition, outside doors may need more attention since they are exposed to the elements. Lubricant helps to ensure door hardware does not freeze and break in the cold winter months.

Parking Lot Maintenance

Many businesses overlook their parking lots because they are outside and not in the forefront of everyone’s minds. This is a very good reason to partner with an outsourced building maintenance company so that these areas won’t be forgotten. Parking lots tend to collect trash, and they are a place where crimes can happen, such as breaking and entering parked vehicles or robbery. It’s super important for the safety of your customers and your employees to ensure the parking lot is clean, the lights have functional light bulbs, and the lines are easy to read for parking.


As you can see from above, there is a lot to manage and think about with building maintenance — so much so that partnering with a top-notch facility maintenance company can be a good idea. MCP Group offers facility maintenance services for your commercial space. As a commercial building contractor, we have a unique perspective on the care and upkeep of your building. Our team is dedicated to ensuring your every maintenance request is met in a timely fashion. We have implemented work order software so you can submit work orders easily and so we can ensure nothing is missed. If you are interested in our facility maintenance services in the Midwest, contact us today!