Common Plumbing Issues Your Facility Faces

Running a facility, such as a college campus, an office building, a warehouse, or a mall, sees its fair share of challenges. From ensuring the sidewalks are cleared in the winter to making sure the sprinkler system is raring to go in the spring, there can be no end to tasks and chores that need performed at your facility. There are also many common plumbing issues that your facility may face as well.

MCP Group offers the best facility services in the Midwest, including help with plumbing issues, heating and cooling maintenance, and electrical and fire alarm installations. When you partner with our team, we ensure your facility runs smoothly. Below, we’ll take a look at some common plumbing issues your facility may face. Give us a call for a free quote today!


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Clogged Drains

Clogged drains are a universal problem for most buildings. This is because drains are used perpetually all-day long, and more so in a commercial office building. From flushing toilets to office break room sinks, there are ample opportunities for clogs to occur. Plus, people take less care and thought with other people’s drains than their own. With our superb team, MCP Group tackles clogged drains head-on, getting these issues fixed as quickly as possible.

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Water Heater Problems

Another common plumbing problem you’ll see with commercial office buildings is fluctuations in water temperature. This is because oftentimes there are multiple water heaters responsible for heating your facility, which makes them more prone to problems. Again, they are used more often than residential heaters as well, which causes more wear and tear. The thermostat can go wonky, as well as the insulation or the heating element. Our team can diagnose and repair water heater problems quickly when they occur.

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Bad Odors

Odors are a problem no matter where they occur, but if they occur in your facility, they can leave a very bad impression behind with your customers, residents, or visitors. Odors are often caused by problems with pipes, or by sewage leaks and backflows. In order to properly diagnose bad odors, our team will perform a thorough investigation to correct the problem.

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All plumbing pipes will break down eventually. From tree roots to corrosive materials, there are many items that can cause premature breakdown of your plumbing pipes. Leaks can occur anywhere, either underground, near a fixture, such as a faucet, or near a toilet. Once they are discovered, they need to be repaired right away in order to prevent any further problems, such as mold growth or rotten wood.

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Broken or Burst Pipes

With the cold winters in the Midwest, broken, cracked, or split pipes can often occur. A broken pipe can cause a lot of damage in a short amount of time. Similar to leaks, broken pipes can occur anywhere beneath the ground, and with hundreds of miles of pipes serving your facility, this can be a big task. MCP Group’s expert facility staff can discover and repair your broken or burst pipes quickly, minimizing damage and restoring service.


MCP Group is a commercial building company that offers building maintenance services throughout the Midwest. Our professional team ensures your facilities are running strong, including repairing any plumbing problems that may arise. We understand that taking care of a large facility is challenging. Partner with us to relieve that burden from your shoulders. We offer 24-hour emergency services, as well as an easy-to-use app where you can report maintenance issues any time, day or night. Reach out to a team member to learn more today!