How We Work


Put the McP Group Experience To Work For You


Our solutions-first service lets you know we always have your best interests at the forefront of each decision.


At MCP GROUP, quality is more than a promise, it is a way of life.

Hard Work

Nothing replaces hard work. When the time comes, we roll up our sleeves and go to work for our clients.




MCP GROUP exists to turn big ideas into completed projects. The solutions-first mentality allows us to add value to your ideas and deliver your project as you intended it, not an uninspired compromise.


Watch us go to work as we turn your ideas into a plan. Here we deliver on the promise of quality. Our transparent client service means no surprises.


Our meticulous planning process allows us to deliver projects on time and on budget. When it is time to roll up our sleeves and get to work, our standards for quality and attention to detail shine. Let MCP GROUP Experience go to work for you.









  • Concrete
  • Precast
  • Masonry
  • Carpentry
  • Earthwork
  • Steel Erection (AISC Certified)


Our sophisticated preconstruction process is implemented with the goal of reducing unnecessary spending for owners and eliminating change orders. Our preconstruction team reviews conceptual drawings and visits the site to prepare accurate timelines and cost estimates. Through the preconstruction process, we will work with everyone involved in the build to ensure that their vision is met and that we have a solution to any potential discrepancies.


If your organization values innovation, you should work with a company who delivers it. Innovation is more than investment in technology. True innovation is an output, measured by the value it brings to clients. We have created a culture where ideas thrive. Our solutions-first approach to service empowers every employee to utilize all available resources to deliver the best possible service and solution to our clients.


Procore provides your team with real-time updates and tracking on your project. This allows for greater collaboration and connection to the project.

Project Management | Quality & Safety | Construction Financials

Procore allows us to manage drawings and specifications by keeping them central to our project. Procore puts everything your team needs (submittals, RFIs, photos) into the current drawing set so that everyone who needs them has access when they need it.


Every Friday our job superintendent will distribute a weekly progress report that includes photographs and narratives describing work completed for that week.

This unique offering is great for clients who are not always able to make it to the job site. The weekly progress reports are great for maintaining excitement throughout the build process and help maintain morale. The weekly Build It Broadcast echoes our commitment to communication throughout your project.


Early identification of discrepancies and proper planning save time and money! BIM and Conflict Modeling provides a means to manage a project with tighter tolerances, greater accuracy during project delivery, and the ability to overcome potential problems before they arise on the site.

Adjusting a drawing is cheaper and easier than making a change on a job site in the midst of a build. Our conflict modeling is a comprehensive exploration of potential problems and issues.  


Virtual reality modeling provides significant cost savings and workflow efficiencies. McPherson offers a full VR lab to allow our clients to view their projects. Virtual reality immerses our clients in their project, allowing them to experience the contents and unique characteristics of the space. This greatly improves the decision-making process and can speed up the approval timeline.

We also offer a mobile VR solution for clients who are unable to visit our office. This option affords clients the same benefits of the VR experience, allowing clients to view material, quality and three-dimensional images of the project from a convenient location.


From the design stage to the inspection stage, 3D scanning and measurement is an integral element of architecture, engineering, and construction. Using highly accurate 3D scan data allows you to view as-built documentation in a virtual world to verify architecture of floors, walls, buildings, and more.

3D scanning can save you hundreds of hours planning and misspent labor during preconstruction, design and construction, and increase safety in unsafe locations. We use the latest technology to ensure your project has the best results.


Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV / Drone) make site progress tracking more efficient by delivering continuous data and analysis for both planning and operations. Resources are better managed. Downtime is reduced. Projects remain on schedule and on budget.

Our team uses UAVs to bring together pre-construction topographic surveys, project estimates, civil survey designs, building layout surveys and building elevation surveys to document, plan, coordinate, and track daily progress across the construction site.



Our Target Zero program has one simple goal: zero accidents and zero punchlist.  MCP GROUP's dedicated Safety Team ensures job site standards are being upheld and our team is operating in the safest environment. We conduct Safety Bootcamps to reaffirm our Target Zero commitment and teach a behavior-based approach designed to prevent accidents. We are an indisputable leader when it comes to safety. Our dedication to safety contributes to the quality of our work.