3 Steps for Snow Removal Services for Facilities

There is no doubt that snow is beautiful. Since each snowflake is unique, it captures the imagination and makes us smile. Some of us love to play in the snow; others of us love to curl up in front of a fire with a good book and a cat on our lap and watch it fall. That being said, while we love watching snow, when it builds up, none of us particularly love driving in it, walking it, or even leaving our homes and apartments to get to where we need to go — especially if we have to shovel first.

MCP Group offers top-rated facility maintenance services for your buildings. Whether you run a doctor’s office, a retail store, a senior living facility, or businesses in an office complex, you need to ensure that your employees, residents, and visitors can come and go from your place safely and easily. Our building maintenance crews offer you peace of mind when a storm hits. Below, we’ll go over the three steps for snow removal services for facilities. Contact us to get started today!


Be Prepared

Living in the Midwest and Colorado, you need to expect snow. Some years there is hardly any, but some years it snows a lot. Either way, your facilities crew needs to be prepared ahead of the winter snow season. Stocking up on de-icer and sand, having shovels, and investing in snow removal equipment and/or attachments is the wise route to take. The last thing you want is for the first snow to hit and everyone and his brother has bought out the entire selection of snow shovels and gloves for employees.

Have a Plan

While we all know meteorologists often get the weather wrong, they are at least partly right most of the time. Thus, it’s important to have a snow removal plan ready to put into action when snow is predicted. Having your crew already assigned to shifts and having them trained and ready to go can make a huge difference in your response time and the satisfaction of those in the building and their owners. Let’s face it, if you are off your game and the snow is not shoveled in a timely fashion, you can bet you will hear about it.


Granted, the first snow removal service of the season for your facilities may have a few hiccups here and there until a rhythm is established. However, once your tools and equipment are prepared and you have a plan, it’s simply a matter of putting that plan into action. MCP Group has years of ensuring our buildings are well-cared for when the snow hits. Call to learn more today!


The three simple steps above will ensure your buildings are well cared for when the snow hits. The facility crews of MCP Group understand the importance of snow removal for your building. We work diligently to ensure no hiccups occur and your snow is removed promptly. If you are interested in our facility maintenance services, give us a call today!