Top 4 Winter Considerations for Facilities Services

Maintaining a facility can be challenging, indeed, especially when you are talking about hundreds of apartment complexes, schools, universities, healthcare facilities, commercial office buildings, retail space, and the like. It is most definitely a full-time job. Now, when you add in the weather, such as winter storms, facilities maintenance faces many additional challenges as well.

MCP Group offers facility maintenance services throughout our service areas in the Midwest and Colorado. Our team utilizes Procore, an app that makes submitting facility maintenance requests easy and fast. This speeds up our response time and improves customer satisfaction when maintenance is performed quickly. Below, we’ll take a look at the top four winter considerations for facilities services. Contact our team to get started today!


Snow Removal

Without a doubt the top facility maintenance task is snow removal. While pretty to look at, snow can be a hazard on sidewalks and in parking lots. It can also prevent access to buildings and block emergency personnel if they were needed at your facility. Having a solid snow removal plan to remove snow promptly and efficiently is crucial for any facility maintenance company you hire.

De-Icing Services

Another area that can pose a safety hazard that needs to be addressed by facilities services is ice management. With snow, ice usually follows, mainly due to the fluctuation of temperatures from day to night that leads to a perpetual cycle of freezing and then de-thawing. This poses a slip and fall hazard for people, as well as a driving hazard for cars. A good facility maintenance crew understands the need for de-icing services for your facility. Call MCP Group to learn more today!

Entrance Monitoring

The winter weather and the snow can bring a lot of gunk into your facilities at the entryway. This can pose a slip and fall hazard as well with the slush and melted water pooling. In addition, if your doorways are not properly sealed against the winter weather, you can end up losing a lot of heat, which can add greatly to your winter heating bill. It’s super important to enlist the support of your building maintenance crew to ensure your entryways are being monitored at all times.

Roof Monitoring

Winters can take a toll on your building’s roof. From large volumes of snow sitting on a gently sloped roof to leaks, it’s important that your facility’s crew keeps an eye on the health of your roof.


MCP Group offers the best facilities maintenance for your Kansas, Colorado, or Midwest buildings. We work hard to ensure your building is in tip-top shape and that all of your maintenance requests are seen in a timely manner. We offer COVID-19 solutions as well, such as our COVID-19 Sneeze Guards and Barriers, to help protect your occupants and visitors in your facility. With our Procore app, you can instantly send in a maintenance request, even on the weekends. If you are interested in our building maintenance services, reach out today!