Property Assessment

A property assessment allows an owner, or potential owner, to have an inside look at the condition of an existing property. The assessment analyses the current building condition and gives an owner an in-depth look at the structural, HVAC, electrical, plumbing, roof, and deferred maintenance so that probable immediate and long-term capital expenditures can be planned for.

This report gives the owner the power to decide if they want to invest in a property before closing on the property. It also gives them the capability to foresee issues in the future and helps them stay ahead of maintenance on the building. Within the property assessment, we will include capital expenditure costs to allow the owner to plan ahead and further assist in developing a proforma for the property.

MCP can provide property assessments at competitive rates and offers the assessments for free if further work is an opportunity on the property. MCP has the ability to provide property assessments, any of the required maintenance, and any construction needs.

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