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General contractor for a construction site may be a bit too broad of a name. In fact, a general contractor is a specialist in dozens of areas, from HVAC and framing to drywall, finishing, plumbing, and so much more. The job of a general contractor is to oversee a construction project from start to finish, managing subcontractors who all work together seamlessly to complete a building project on-time and on-budget.

MCP Group is a general contractor in Colorado and Kansas. With almost 50 years of experience, our construction management company has helped many industries with their construction project needs, from hospitality and healthcare to commercial offices and higher education. Our mission has always been to serve the customer first and bring them the best building for their purposes. Contact us for your next construction project today!


  • K-12 Education
  • Higher Education
  • Multi-Family & Senior Living
  • Healthcare
  • Commercial Office Spaces
  • Hospitality & Entertainment
  • Sports
  • Retail
  • Historic Preservation
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As alluded to above, a general contractor must have extensive knowledge of all aspects of a building project. They have to understand building codes, regulations, and have good organizational skills. They have to have an intuition to know when a construction project is going well and when it's not. They need communication and people, and they need time management skills since every minute of every day can be taken. Below is just some of the many responsibilities a general contractor undertakes:

  • Overseeing the entire construction project from start to finish
  • Ensuring building materials and supplies are procured in a timely fashion
  • Overseeing the use of heavy equipment
  • Scheduling all subcontractors and coordinating their tasks with those of others
  • Adhering to local, state, and federal building codes, zoning regulations, and permits
  • Staying on-time and on-budget
  • Keeping the customer informed of the progress of the construction project

This is just a small list of the dozens of tasks a general contractor must handle. Plus, this does not include all of the miscellaneous tasks that can crop up at any time, as well as any expedited requests and immediate needs. In sum, as the general contractor you're the go-to for any questions and needs throughout the construction project. Learn more by contacting MCP Group today!

"Architecture is not just about building. It's a means of improving people's quality of life."

Diébédo Francis Kéré


  • Ask for referrals. Word of mouth is always the best way to find a reliable general contractor. Having a friend, colleague, or family member vouch for someone is as good as gold, and it gives you peace of mind when hiring a general contractor for your construction project. 
  • Read online reviews. If you don't know someone personally who can recommend a superb general contractor, online reviews should be your next stop. While these must be taken with a grain of salt, they can give you a great idea of the construction contractor you are considering.
  • Ask about their experience. Ideally, you want a general contractor who is experienced in the type of work that you do. For instance, if you are looking for someone to renovate your commercial space, find out if the contractors you are considering have completed these types of projects.
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  • Understand the costs. Normally, you'll receive a written bid with the estimated costs of your construction project. In addition, general contractors bid projects differently. Some charge a percentage over the projected materials and labor, while others charge a flat fee based on the type of project you are completing.
  • Read the contract. While construction contracts are about as interesting as a worm crawling in dirt, you still need to read your construction contract over before signing. The contract is usually very detailed, listing specific work to be done, timeframe of the project, payment processes, costs of labor and materials, and more. You'll also want to protect yourself by making sure there is a termination clause.

Choose your general contractor. Once you've done your due diligence and understood the costs, it's time to choose your general contractor and begin. MCP Group has a flawless reputation for top-rated general contracting services. Give our building contractors a call for your Colorado or Kansas project today!


  1. Traditional General Contractors. Traditional general contractors pick up the construction project at the pre-construction phase and then complete the project till the build is finished. They use the project plans of another design firm. This process of construction is commonly known as "design-bid-build." Here, the customer hires the two companies separately, which works well if the customer has relationships with many specialists in the construction industry.

  2. Design-Build Contractors. Recently, the move in the construction industry has been to partner with a design-build firm. This is a construction company that both designs the project and sees it through to the end. They work closely with the customers during the conceptualization phase, and many customers love being able to partner with just one firm that they have developed a relationship with. Design-build construction firms are usually larger, having their own team of specialists, architects, and designers. Here at MCP Group, we offer both types of these construction project delivery systems, as well as others. Call our construction management company today to learn more!
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Our mission is to build our communities with our general contracting services. We are on a quest to be the best and to do our best, while never settling for less. We've grown throughout our 45 years of serving Colorado and Kansas, expanding our general contracting offerings to allow for all aspects of the construction project, from planning and development to implementation and completion. 

MCP Group is a family-owned construction company that is passionate about helping our customers achieve their dreams by having the space they need to serve their customers. We stay abreast of the changes in technology and utilize as many innovations as we can in our work, from creating energy-efficiencies in buildings wherever we can to using an app so that our customers can track the progress of their construction project easily. We listen to our customers and incorporate their feedback so that we can improve our construction services and only get better. Each team member is vested in our customers' success, and working together, we create designs for our customers that create a "wow" effect that we strive for in each of our projects.

If you are looking for the best general contractor in Colorado and Kansas, consider the MCP Group. Browse our website to learn more about us, and contact our commercial design-build firm today!