Construction Project Scheduling – What percentage of ALL construction projects are behind schedule?

Did you know that 83% of ALL construction projects are behind schedule?  

Construction schedules are a vital aspect of any construction project. They outline the timeline, sequence, and dependencies of tasks needed to complete a project. With the complexity of construction projects, managing schedules can be a challenging and time-consuming task. Construction projects are susceptible to delays due to various reasons, such as weather conditions, supply chain shortages, labor shortages, and unforeseen site conditions.  

Schedule delays can become extremely costly for Owners due to additional carry costs, financing challenges, lost revenue, and potential other damages related to the delay. In order to beat this epidemic in the construction industry, we have rethought our entire approach to scheduling and currently beat 97% of the industry in the timely completion of projects with the use of our schedule analytics software. This technology has proven invaluable in overcoming the challenges presented by our industry and is now utilized on every MCP project.

Our schedule analytics software has enabled us to efficiently manage our construction schedules in the following ways:

  1. During Pre-Construction, we upload our preliminary schedules and let the program go to work grading schedule quality, looking for missing logic ties, as well as analyzing critical path feasibility and resource allocation.
  2. Once Construction begins our project managers upload schedules on a weekly basis to again help analyze logic, critical path, and resources as well as the performance index, anticipated completion date, and potential compression during the remainder of the project. They can also assess real or anticipated delays, run scenarios with overtime or weekend work, and evaluate how to get a project back on track.
  3. We have access to a company dashboard showing health, projected end date, schedule quality, and compression index of every project MCP has underway. This dashboard allows MCP’s leadership to evaluate all current project schedules in a very short time and then dive into the details if needed. The oversight of schedules was extremely time-consuming and inaccurate prior to implementing this technology, now effective schedule management is at our finger tips.


Project Timeline Example

As the construction industry continues to embrace digital transformation, this scheduling technology is a vital tool in ensuring the timely and cost-effective completion of projects. MCP’s strategies for managing construction schedules give us a competitive edge over those that rely on traditional methods.