What Does a Construction Project Manager Do?

The MCP Group was founded in 1972 with the vision to help bring our customers’ visions and dreams to life, whether that was through a state-of-the-art building for their business or a senior living center where seniors could live in comfort and style. By keeping a laser-eye on our vision and mission and imbibing our core values, such as pursuing greatness and honoring the client, which have and continue to get us through the rough times, MCP Group offers exceptional construction project management.

Our design build firm takes your commercial or residential project, including multi-family residential, from inception to completion. With our construction project managers, you can rest assured that your building project will be on-time and on-budget. We also offer facility maintenance services as well, so we can care for your construction project afterwards as well. If you are looking for a superb construction project manager in Colorado or Kansas, give us a call today!


  • Oversell all aspects of the residential or commercial construction project
  • Develops the design plans
  • Establishes timelines and deadlines for completion
  • Estimates cost of materials and labor
  • Works with subcontractors to complete the construction project
  • Handle all permitting
  • Adheres to all building codes
  • Manages risk
  • Facilitates communications both with the staff and the customer
  • Ensures work completed is up to standards
  • Ensures work being done is correct and in line with the design plans
  • Responsible for the end product
Photo of completed construction
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If we were to sum up the job of a construction project manager it is to ensure your goals for your building project come to fruition. You have a set budget, a set completion date, and a set end goal in mind. There are dozens of steps and hundreds of tasks from the beginning of a residential or commercial construction project that a construction project manager handles. Below, is just a sampling of the tasks a commercial construction project manager does:

  • Planning. This can entail site planning, architectural design, permitting, and verifying building codes. Here, extensive contact with the customer is crucial so that everyone is one the same page in terms of expectations, design requirements, and project timing.
  • Hiring crews. Depending on the construction company you partner with, some have in-house crews to perform the physical construction of your building, some use subcontractors, or specialists, and some use a combination of both. MCP Group uses both subcontractors and our own in-house teams, depending on the scope of your construction project.
  • Ordering materials. Ordering materials for a huge, multi-million dollar building project is not as simple as going on Amazon and hitting “Order Now.” Building materials need to be timed accordingly so as not to be sitting around a job site, in the way and taking up space.
  • Risk management. One of the most important jobs of a construction project manager that is often overlooked as it’s a soft skill is risk management. There are many risks involved in huge commercial construction projects that can be quite costly if not managed. Some of these risks entail accidents to workers or the public, damage to the property, loss of time and money, an unforeseen labor shortage, unavailable building materials, and so much more.

When you partner with an experienced construction project management team such as MCP Group, you can rest assured your commercial construction project will be managed properly. Give us a call for your next Colorado, Kansas, or the Midwest project today!