Natural Grocers Waco, TX

Bid Due Date | August 1, 2024 10:00 AM

Project Description

The project consists of a 14,736 sf renovation to the existing building.

The work includes interior demolition, striping, cast-in-place concrete, unit masonry, miscellaneous steel, granite countertops, wood slat paneling, roof patching, joint sealants, glass and glazing, gypsum board assemblies, tile, acoustical ceilings, resilient base, painting, toilet accessories, fire protection specialties, fire sprinklers, plumbing, HVAC, electrical, and fire alarm.


Waco, Texas


SR – Waco, TX – Issued For Permit



SR – Waco, TX – Specifications

Asbestos Survey – Vitamin Cottage Lease – Waco Tx (00947717xC5BD8)


General Information

Bid Invitation Natural Grocers Waco, TX

MCP Supplemental Conditions.2021



SR – Waco, TX – Issued For Permit UPDATED

Waco_Phase 1 ESA_Final (2024)