Natural Grocers Brighton, CO Earthwork, Utilities, and Retaining Walls

Bid Due Date | January 20, 2022 2:00 PM

Project Description

The project consists of a new 13,300 sf shell building.

This is for the site demolition, earthwork, utilities, and retaining walls only.


Brighton, Colorado


21-00076_2021-12-29 – Brighton NG Civil Plan Set

21-00076_2021-12-29 – Brighton NG Planning Set_Extra Sheets



21-00076_2021-11-09 – Brighton NG Geotechnical Report

21-00076_2021-12-29 – Brighton NG Storm Report


General Information

Bid Invitation Natural Grocers Brighton, CO Earthwork, Utilities and Retaining Walls

MCP Supplemental Conditions.2021



2022-01-06 Brighton NG Addendum#1