Gateway Landing Sitework

Bid Due Date | November 25, 2020 2:00 PM

Project Description

The project consists of a new site development.

Please provide an Alternate Price for the work identified as Dinerstein.

The work includes site demolition, earthwork, erosion control, traffic control, asphalt paving, site concrete, landscaping & irrigation, site utilities, traffic light, and electrical.

35,000 CY of fill has been stockpiled on site for use, including 1,000 CY of topsoil.

Street lighting for Salida and 49th Pl will be installed by Xcel.


Denver, Colorado


2020-09-28 Gateway Landing Construction Bidding Set-1


Gateway Landing OPG EVCWDG Cost Breakdown Exhibit



Geotech Report_D19G145 Gateway Landing

Geotech Report_D19G106 TEllurde & Green Valley Ranch

2020-08-25 Gateway Landing Infrastructure Drainage Report

2020-02-19_Gateway Landing SWMP_Report


Dinerstein Alternate

APPROVED – 2019-EC-0000051_Green Valley Apartments_Erosion Control Plans

APPRVOED – 2020-TRAN-0000037_Green Valley Apartments_Transportation Engineering Plans

TDC Paving & Utilty Exhibit

20161_Green Valley Apartments_Water Construction Plans

2019-SSPR-0000098_Green Valley Apartments_Wastewater Plans


General Information

Bid Invitation Gateway Landing Sitework

MCP Build, Inc. Supplementary-Conditions 1.18.19



Gateway Landings Phase 1 RFI Response #1 Combined

Gateway Landings Phase 1 RFI Response #2 Combined

Gateway Landings Phase 1 RFI Response #3 Combined