Gateway Crossing–Denver, Colorado

Bid Due Date | February 5, 2019 2:00 PM

Project Description

The project consists of a site development to include public roads, private roads, site utilities, paving, landscaping and site electrical.

Bidders are to provide separate pricing for the TEP (Public Roads), and the rest of the project. Plans are broken out and listed as TEP Public Road Combined Plans, and Gateway Crossing Combined Plans.


Denver, Colorado


Gateway Crossing TEP Public Road Combined Plans

Gateway Crossing Combined Plans


General Information

Bid Invitation Gateway Crossing Denver, CO

McPherson Contractors Supplementary Conditions 6-1-2018


Geotechnical and Stormwater Information

_ DigSigned-GeotechnicalReport GVR-TowerRetail CGG18.22.096

_ ADD1-DigSigned-GeotechnicalReport GVR-TowerRetail CGG18.22.096

_ ADD2-DigSigned-GeotechnicalReport GVR-TowerRetail CGG18.22.096

2019-01-14_Stormwater Management Plan


Gateway Crossing Addendum #1 Combined

Gateway Crossing Addendum #2 Combined