Downtown Topeka Foundation Plaza

Bid Due Date | February 12, 2019 2:00 PM

Project Description

The project consists of a new outdoor plaza with multiple features.

The work consists of earthwork, asphalt patching, site utilities, decorative concrete, site concrete, unit pavers, chain link fences & gates, landscaping and irrigation, cast-in-place concrete, unit masonry, stone, structural steel, TPO roofing, joint sealants, FRP doors/frames/hardware, sectional doors, resilient base, painting, toilet compartments, toilet accessories, fountains, plumbing, HVAC, electrical, communications, and audio/visual.

All work will have sales taxes and Kansas Remodel taxes included.

See Work Under Other Contracts in the specifications for utility work being done by others during this project.

Bids are to be submitted on MCP Build’s Bid Form. Subcontractors/Suppliers are encouraged to submit proposals on their letterhead with any clarifications included.


Topeka, Kansas


Downtown Topeka Foundation Plaza Combined Drawings


General Information

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Downtown Topeka Plaza 100% SPECIFICATIONS


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