CDBG Bookstore – Independence, KS

Bid Due Date | July 23, 2024 2:00 PM

Project Description

The project consists of a 4,275 SF historic renovation to the existing building. Bid Packages are available for the following; Demolition with ACM abatement, Masonry Restoration, Carpentry with window replacement, EPDM roofing system with (flashings, insulation, parapet caps, gutters and downspouts), Concrete, and Steel fabrications with installation.


Independence, KS


General Information

Project is subject to Davis-Bacon wage requirements and is tax-deferred.

Pre-bid/Job-walk: Tuesday, July 9th – 10:30 AM – ON-SITE. Non-mandatory, however HIGHLY recommended.

*It is of the utmost important to view the Invitation To Bid document for instructions on bid submittal; a corresponding bid form must be filled out, and bids MUST be either mailed, or delivered in a sealed envelope, to the address on the Invitation To Bid document by the listed bid date/time. If you have any questions regarding the bid process, please reach out to us.*

*Bidders’ attention is called to all applicable requirements that must be complied with, such as Section 3 of the 1968
Housing Act, Section 109 of the 1984 Housing and Community Development Act, the Civil Rights Act of 1964, and
Executive Order 11246. All requirements of the Build America, Buy America (BABA) Act, 41 USC 8301 note, and all
applicable rules and notices, as may be amended, shall be complied with if applicable to the infrastructure project.
Pursuant to HUD’s Notice, “Public Interest Phased Implementation Waiver for FY 2022 and 2023 of Build America, Buy
America Provisions as Applied to Recipients of HUD Federal Financial Assistance” (88 FR 17001), any funds obligated
by HUD on or after the applicable listed effective dates, are subject to BABA requirements, unless excepted by a

MCP Supplemental Conditions.2021



cdbg bookstore construction drawings 5.8.24



CM Manual CDBG Bookstore 6 14 24ITB 106 N 8th ST CDBG Bookstore


BP #1 CDBG Demolition

BP #1 CDBG Demolition
CDBG Bookstore Bid Form 1 Demolition.


BP #2 CDBG Carpentry

BP #2 CDBG Carpentry
CDBG Bookstore Bid Form 2 Carpentry


BP #3 CDBG Concrete

BP #3 CDBG Concrete
CDBG Bookstore Bid Form 3 Concrete


BP #4 CDBG Masonry Restoration

BP #4 CDBG Masonry Restoration
CDBG Bookstore Bid Form 4 Masonry Restoration


BP #5 CDBG Structural Steel

BP #5 CDBG Structural Steel
CDBG Bookstore Bid Form 5 Structural steel and Misc. Metals


BP #6 CDBG Roofing

BP #6 CDBG Roofing
CDBG Bookstore Bid Form 6 EPDM Roofing and Sheetmetal