Caliber Collision Fairfield, OH

Bid Due Date | July 6, 2022 2:00 PM

Project Description

The project consists of a new 16,604 sf metal building and site work.

The metal building material package has been purchased by the owner. We are to include erection.

The work includes site demolition, earthwork, asphalt paving, site concrete, striping, fencing, site utilities, concrete, synthetic stone, metal fabrications, architectural woodwork, FRP, waterproofing/joint sealants, doors/frames/hardware, storefront, overhead doors, gypsum board assemblies, tiling, acoustical ceilings, stucco, resilient flooring and carpet, painting, toilet and fire specialties, aluminum canopy, roller window shades, countertops, metal building erection, fire sprinkler, HVAC, plumbing, electrical and fire alarm.


Fairfield, Ohio


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A2.1 – Project Manual

Owners Supplemental Documents

A5.0 -CONTRACT AIA A101-2017

A7.0- Contract AIA A201-2017

A7.1 – AIA A201 Addendum – Exhibit A

01111627 Caliber Collision Geotech Report

CC – Fairfield, OH – Phase I Report


General Information

Bid Invitation Caliber Collision Fairfield, OH

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